Men's Health

On average, men go to their GP half as often as women. It's important to be aware of changes to your health, and to see your GP immediately if you notice something that's not right.


Men's Health Services

  • Prostate screening
  • Cholesterol measuring
  • Blood pressure assessments
  • Erection dysfunction
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Well Man screening
  • ECG
  • 24 hour Bl-press Monitor
  • 24hr Holter ECG monitor
  • Genital Warts Treatment

The ‘Spanner in the Works?’ website, from the Irish Men's Sheds Association, provides some key health information for men in a form to which men can relate. Each health subject has one or more direct links to a relevant Irish key health organisation website and the website has been developed through collaborative partnerships with 40 key health organisations. Click here for many useful resources on men's health.



Although many men are reluctant to visit their GP unless they feel something is seriously wrong, regular checkups are the best way to stay on top of your health and wellbeing. The better-informed you are, the better you can plan your life, career and future. Don’t let anxiety or embarrassment hold you back from visiting your doctor or pharmacist; in the long run, ignoring symptoms and concerns does not pay off. If you feel something’s wrong, or even if you don’t, a medical professional can put your mind at ease and give you the clarity you need to enjoy your life to the full, and to ensure that any potential problems or conditions are detected early and treated.

These information leaflets will give you some idea of what to look out for at the various stages of life. Our bodies change over time, so it’s important to keep on top of these changes and their potential impact on your health and wellbeing. Keep in control of your mental and physical health and fitness, and remember – if in doubt, see a doctor!

Men's Sheds

The Irish Men’s Sheds Association is an island-wide programme that aims to combat isolation and improve the wellbeing of Ireland’s men.


Based on the original Australian idea, the Irish Men’s Sheds Association encourages communities to develop their own safe haven, where men of all ages and walks of life can come to an informal meeting where skills are developed, shared and learned, and social connections are created.


The workshops can cover anything from woodwork, metalwork, crafts, gardening, art, or even choir groups. Men can visit their local ‘shed’ once or twice a week even for a cup of tea, their site explains. In a world where men’s mental health has been overlooked, the need for a place where men can express their thoughts with people who understand is badly needed.


‘Men don’t talk face to face; they talk shoulder to shoulder' - find a Men's Shed near you.

Useful Links


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Movember - Information and tips on Men's Health.


Please be advised that we do not take any responsibility for the content of the websites referenced on this page, or information that you may receive from them. We advise all patients to discuss their health concerns with their GP.