Online Health Information

The internet is a great source of information about healthcare issues, but the data you get back from search engines is unfiltered, and it can be hard to identify which sites are reliable and properly resourced.

The following are websites that we recommend as providing reliable, well-researched health information; however, we would advise you not to rely totally on your own internet research, and to always discuss your health concerns with your GP.

Please check out our Health Advice section for information and resources on more specific conditions and topics.

  • - HSE Health A-Z page where you can browse by letter of the alphabet or name of the condition.
  • - excellent HSE website providing clear advice on how to manage minor illnesses such as coughs, colds, sore throat, flu, gastroenteritis, etc.
  • - excellent, user-friendly site that provides evidence-based patient information on virtually all common diseases / symptoms / treatments (run by the NHS in the UK).
  • - excellent HSE site giving all the information you need about childhood and adult vaccinations.
  • - this is a site for doctors so the language can be a bit technical in places, but if you enter the name of a medication and click on the "SPC" button, you will get a complete list of information about the drug, including interactions with other medications, side effects, whether it's safe to use in pregnancy, etc. (This is basically the same as the information sheet that comes in the box with your tablets).
  • - provides information on local services, HSE publications, medical cards, etc, but it can be hard to find exactly what you're looking for.

Please be advised that we do not take any responsibility for the content of these websites, or information that you may receive from them. We advise all patients to discuss their health concerns with their GP.